How to watch TV on your Computer

This post is especially dedicated to those who never get their turn to watch the television. The reason could be anything maybe your mom is too busy in watching her daily soaps or your younger siblings are busy with their cartoons. If this is your case then you do not have to worry anymore, we have a solution for this. And the solution is that you can now watch TV on your personal computer.

What? Yes! You heard it right you can watch your favorite shows, series or movies whatever you want to on your PC. And the best part is that you do not have to wait for your turn.

How to watch TV on your Computer

How to watch TV on your Computer

So now the question comes that how can you watch TV on your computers?

As the technology is upgrading day by day we are able to do things we can never think of before. And one such innovation is online streaming websites. These websites or apps help us to see and watch videos online. They provide us all the latest movies, TV shows, recent albums etc. and hence we are able to watch our favorite shows on our personal computers. There are so many numbers of sites giving such facilities and services. Some of them are: Netflix, Hulu, BBC, HBO, Hotstar and many more.

Some of them are providing you free online watch as well as some are giving at some minimal fee. And after paying that subscription amount you can enjoy the different collection of shows anytime anywhere.

Here we are going to talk about few such websites and apps. So for knowing more stay with us and keep on reading the post below. So, what are you waiting for scroll down the page and have a look.

Amazon Prime

The first app in our list which provides you the facility of watching shows online is the “Amazon prime”. This is a very reputed and famous website. The main reason is mainly because of the smooth and convenient accessibility. Along with that it has a very huge and amazing collection of shows and movies. Though the streaming is not free but the best part is that it is at a very minimal amount. You just have to pay $99 a year to have a complete access to all the wonderful collection of this website.

The Amazon prime is also having its own original series and shows which is not available anywhere else.

Sling TV

The other website we are going to talk about is “Sling TV”. It is a very crucial website for streaming facility. As it was the one who started such unique service for the first time. And hence provided with the service through which anyone can be able to watch TV on their computers. Though, today the Sling TV is not so popular because of the other leading online streaming websites and apps but still a good option to help in watching TV on computer.

It has a very good content with a really good quality. And also provides live TV including channels like: History, Disney Channel, ESPN, AMC.

If you want to access the whole collection of shows then you will have to make an account. By making the account we mean that you will have to pay the mentioned subscription fee. The subscription amount will cost somewhere from $20 to $40 per month. And after this you will be able to watch thousands of shows without any disturbance on your computer or laptops.


Maybe this is going to be our favorite among all and hence need no introduction. And the name of this website is Netflix. This is the most popular and famous streaming website now a day. The collection of Netflix is so tremendous and amazing that no one can beat it. Not only leading because of its content but also provides an amazing resolution for every single show or movie. And that is what makes it different and at the top of the streaming TV market.

Here you can get every new TV show and movie and can also watch the Netflix originals which are so in trend. You can get all these amazing things by paying just $10 per month. You will have to create an account and will get 30 days free trial. You can watch it anywhere, anytime you want to.


The next and the last option in our list is “Hulu”. It is also a very good online streaming website which gives so many TV shows; latest movies and Hulu originals too.

The best thing is that the subscription fee is not that much as Netflix or we can say it is cheaper to watch TV here. The app is super user friendly and can be accessed easily. The quality of the content is mind blowing. It also provides us with the facility of Live TV covering all the top channels like: Fox, ESPN, TBS, FS1 etc. And hence you can directly watch the shows on your computers.

So now what are you waiting for? Go and check these super amazing websites and stop waiting for your turn to watch the TV after your mom or sibling is done.

Be trendy and upgrade yourself with this upgrading world. For any feedback you can connect with us directly or can leave a message or comment below.

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