What to do when you have nothing to do ?

Leisure Time – the definition, I am keeping it simple: FREE TIME!

When there’s no work or when you are not working. You can relax and do things that you enjoy doing the most that’s your – LEISURE TIME. Undoubtedly – in this modern era the trends of leisure times also have taken a different turn to what most old timers would agree to, just the way of living has changed too.

In this Hi- tech age, you might have a question – but “where is the leisure time on my hand?”

To that my answer would be a very quick question to you – is half of your free time being spent on just watching the television seating on a coach?… or making your presence well-known on never sleeping world of Social Media…on your latest mobile phone. If you, will think it again yes, It probably exactly just be the either one of the very reasons in most people’s life. That you don’ have time left at all to replenish, unwind or relax to just doing nothing.

Now having said that I cannot disagree – this could really be easier said than done – when the world series are on. And you just can’t afford to miss the next move of your favorite player. FAIR ENOUGH!!! ….but does that allow you to make it a lifestyle, think again??

Leisure time

I still do remember so vividly while I was growing up as a child – it was the rule of thumb like every day at my home to go play some outdoor sport or get grooved in just doing something really creative indoors on those hot summer days. Going back to those times, the only sources of entertainment we had was a television and the landline phone. We could never ever begin to think of anything close to like an online game… social media yare yare…but we had lived some good QUALITY LEISURE TIMES.Leisure time -Playing Carroms

Well, we all as individuals are unique in our personal set of choices… preferences. We all like to do things our way the way we enjoy in our leisure times. When few of us can be more of an outdoor person … on the other hand some of us may just like to stay indoors. It could be for various other reasons also – and one of it could be the weather. If the weather is favorable – I personally like being outdoors…even if it’s just to sit on the beach watching the sunset. Leisure time -Sunset

We can engage our leisure time wisely to make the most of it keeping it balance to the other activities on our ‘to do’ list for the day. Although – the list of outdoor activities are innumerable.

Here are some perfect Ideas of indoor leisure time activities but it’s just a few you can be as innovative as you could be and see what works for you –

  • Do some planning on your next vacation and – pen down
  • Reading your favorite book
  • Watching a movie
  • Listening music or singing karaoke
  • Play with some colors and paint
  • Redecorating – home
  • Playing chess / Cards/ Carrom etc
  • Plan your next get together with friends at your home
  • Catch some quality time with family

But today, I want to shift the focus to indoor leisure activities keeping the physical effort involved.


  • Indoor Gardening – Even if its sounding whats new here?? it could be something which could really come out as a very effective stress buster to give your mind, that much-needed timeout of the day – just nurturing your own plants. Decide your style of indoor garden, even if that’s your own little herb garden – there are ample of indoor plants available and techniques to pursue the passion of gardening in leisure time.

Leisure time - Indoor Gardening

  • Dancing – All you need is just a little space to move around your body and the color of foot tapping music to get you grooving to the beat to shed those stressful blues away. Adding you – with host of health benefits right under your own premises. If this doesn’ seems working indoors for you. I really don’ know what else would then. Keep moving – keep dancing.

Spending Leisure time with Dance


  • Cooking – Yes…Cooking has proved itself as a therapy over any other activity on the list to calm your senses down and ease your troubled mind of a long tiring day. It’s not only known to be therapeutic but you would – just might take by a surprise to learn, a food can heal a broken heart, helps you sleeping peaceful and it has a power to cure many other lifestyle related ailments. ‘Food’ is a medicine too. So, plan to cook a wholesome meal rather just placing an order. Even – if you have never done it before…Just by only getting started to cook this one habit alone is once formed can save you fortune and keep you healthy lifelong. Get Cooking ….in leisure times.

Cooking is therapeutic - Leisure time

  • Home Style – SPA – DAY – Isn’ it’s just a fantastic idea to pamper yourself and unwind by creating your own home style spa day, right at the comfort of your own home. Well, you never could’ve ever imagined – getting rejuvenating would be this easy on your pocket as well and that too with no compromise on the quality of the best class service. When you yourself is your very own therapist. Get engaged, research the best products, procedures – know the best pedicures, hair spa methods, face packs as per your skin types… and …explore the ideas to make yourself glow for life !

Image result for spa at home saves money


Do not just sit back doing nothing – indulge in indoor activity – in your leisure times – get doing…!


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