The Best Education System in the world

Well it is not wrong to say that education system of any nation is its backbone. A lot of major developments in the country are possible only because of a good and healthy education system. Off late people who have graduated from Top schools and colleges, inherited a lot of manners and mannerisms are termed as well-educated. What is education in real? In today’s world education is defined by grade. If a person comes he is literate and educated on the contrary if a person fails he is not so educated.

How far does it work in real life? This is what we call the best education system; a system that starts in the morning and ends in the evening; a system that starts with first morning bell and ends with the tinkering for last lecture; a system opt for children and worst for adults. I believe education is perpetual process which starts right from the birth of an individual and ends only with the death of the same. Every year the World Economic Forum publishes a list of top 10 best education systems of the world along with the reasons for the same. Let’s have a look.

Which Country has the Best Education System in the world?

The World Economic Forum releases its Global Competitiveness Report every year on the state of the world’s economies.

These countries were ranked on the basis of “12 pillars of competitiveness” which encompasses health and primary education system, micro and macro-economic environment and labour market efficiency.

 1. Finland: This country tops the list and is so because the education system here is free from any bandings. All pupils are taught in the same classes regardless of any disability.

 2. Switzerland: The second comes the Swiss. Here only 5% of the children go to private schools. The government has provided such exemplary infrastructure and support and this way they are topping the list.

3. Belgium: Then comes Belgium. Here the government spends a high amount from its annual income for the benefit of the students. The secondary schools are divided into 4 genres viz; general secondary school, technical secondary school, vocational and art secondary schools.

4. Singapore: This country has got excellent evaluating techniques to gauge its students.

5. Netherlands: Dutch students were the happiest ones when this analysis was conducted as per UNICEF. The Dutch school typically never give much homework and pupils are free and relieved of lessons and homework

6. Qatar: The one and only among the gulf, this country could make it to this list. The Qatari education system provides extensive support for grass root literacy to high-end university research.

7. Ireland: The majority of the secondary schools in Ireland are privately owned but state funded and so everything is well-taken care off here.

8. Estonia: This country spends around 4% of its GDP for educational funding. They believe in creating favourable conditions for the development of personality, family and then the Estonian nation through education.

9. New Zealand: The good thing is that schooling is mandatory for all children in New Zealand between aged six to 16, however, most children start when they turn 5 itself.

10. Japan: The Japanese have made a mark in every field and that is because of their perfect education system. They believe in innovation and bringing forward new ideas.

Hope this helps to get the overview of the countries which offers the best education system in the world. We will update this list timely when this list is revised from World Economic Forum.

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