10 Games Like RuneScape That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Games like RuneScape: Hey everyone, Are you a gamer? Obviously, Yes that’s why you are here. Are you bored playing Runescape on your PC? If yes, then why don’t you try some other suggestions? If you are looking for some other better games like RuneScape with more improvements and graphics, then congrats you are at your destination. Here, you will find the 2018 updated list of games similar to RuneScape. After a long research, we found these 11 best alternatives of RuneScape. You should not miss playing these awesome games.

Introduction of RuneScape :

Run escape Games that form a part of the Fantasy MMORPG form a great source of entertainment. Run escape originally was an online multiplayer game but at the moment it even offers a non-Brower version. These games give a number of tasks to be done along with a number of Quests, fight the huge monsters and to collect various resources. Everybody has started to love games like Run escape and demand for such games is on a hike. Beneath is the list of similar games.

Games like Runescape

List of Games Similar to RuneScape ( Updated List)

If you are a huge fan of the MMORPG games like the famous Run escape and are up looking for some more similar games that provide a similar experience then you must try the games that are listed below.

All the game listed below are packed with a similar element as the Run escape however the only difference they have is on the basis of their play style, mechanics and the stories they have. They would be the best add-on to the Run Escape like a game collection. So just scroll down and have a look at all the games mentioned.

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1. AdventureQuest Worlds

This is one of the most popular games. There are four different classes present those are the Healer, Rogue, Mage and Warrior and you have to pick up a character from the classes resent. Once you have opted for a character you would have to fight with various enemies. You would have to earn reputation in order to level up and add other abilities in your inventory. It has various quests, styles and adventures.

2. Drake sang Online

This is an online video game. It makes you battle to win against the monsters in order to save the world. This again provides for four characters. These characters are the Knights, Dwarves, Rangers and the Mages. One can choose any character according to their own preference as all of them have different qualities & skills. One can do various tasks in the game like exploring the world, interact with the NPCs collect epic loots from the dungeons and complete challenges.

Games like Runescape

3. World of Warcraft

This is yet another real popular game. It takes us to the fictional world of Azeroth. It provides an option of choosing between 13 different types of races and each race has its own classes. If one wishes to play as human they might choose Alliances or if they wish to play as an Orc then they could choose Horde. It is a bit complex game that offers a lot of options. It contains many things such as level-up, meets friends, defeat monsters, collects mounts etc.

games like runescape

4. Cabal Online

This game provides a great source of entertainment and has various features such as the 3D graphics, powerful backstory and various combinations of MMo and RPG rudiments. It also provides for PVP and PVE environments to enjoy combat. PVE offers for a great deal of grinding and quests that are based on dungeon-based combats. The PVP provides one to be engaged in Duels, Guild-based combats and war-oriented.

5. Neverwinter

This is an action game. One has to choose amongst eight classes which the game offers. They have to discover the city and then level up the game by killing monsters and completing the quests given. The games main focus is fighting and when someone reaches level 15 they can design their own quests that would be implemented in the game.

6. Villagers and Heroes

This is game based on a Mystical Land which offers fun activities, freedom of exploration, Hunter, Warriors, Wizards, various mechanics, and Priests. It offers a lot of choices and even allows one to create their character with customize option. One can do a lot of activities such as gather resources, trade items, manage a farm, raise animals and sell their own products also design a virtual home for the Villagers and Heroes.

7. EverQuest2

This is a fantasy game that’s is customized with a number of Quests and characters. It also provides for making a new line-up of characters, innovative customization mechanism, races and classes and higher exploration skills. This also allows socialization and has an option of helping other friends if they require it. You also have an option of teaming up with lower level players and help them improve their skills.

8. Light of Darkness – Best Online Game

It is an action-adventure You can travel backward in time in order to save the world from the devastation. You are able to customize your character with various skills and abilities. It has a number of characters available so one has the option to play as various characters in Light of Darkness. It has 3D visuals effect and uses various fighting techniques.

9. ArcheAge

Its core elements have a really innovative approach. It provides for a range of Content, Unique Housing System, Change the game world around you for progressing, gender choices for characters among four characters, customize the characters etc. It provides for various features like resource collection, exploration, crafting etc and has combats of both land and sea-based.

10. Wartune

This is game loaded with Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Multiplayer Online, a Fantasy-based and Browser-based video game. It is composed of 3 characters namely the Warrior, Mages, and Archers. There are various modes available to play it and those are the player vs. player, player vs. environment, co-op or solo modes. The game has mind blowing graphics and talking about the game one needs to fight with monsters as they are the enemies so one needs to kill them using various crafting methods.

So, the above was our list of the top 10 games like the Run Escape. If you have any other suggestion or game in mind kindly share with us by commenting below.

11. Rift

Rift is more of a rival of the world popular game of Warcraft series games. This is a Fantasy-based and a free to play MMORPG title which is set in the world of Telara. Telera is formed of the core of six elements which are the Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death

The only drawback to this is that is available only on Microsoft Windows but for Windows owners, this is a must play a game and should definitely enjoy the ultimate fun it offers.

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