Google Wants to Speed Up Internet with Congestion Control Algorithm

Google Wants to Speed Up Internet with CC Algorithm

Our lives today are controlled or at least affected in some ways through the internet. Every person who accesses the internet creates a huge amount of data that has to be processed by the internet. This means that for every new internet connection by an internet service provider (ISP), the overall traffic on the internet increases which may lead to severe congestion and lead to some sites crashing at times. Google is looking to solve this exact problem by using a Congestion Control Algorithm. Scientists and engineers at Google are working on this congestion control algorithm to speed up internet. Once it is ready, it will be integrated into the internet which will speed up internet significantly.

Google Congestion Control Algorithms

At the rate of development of the current world, internet usage is becoming more and more common and frequent. The internet has to work to keep up with the rising demands. Huge corporations like Google install server centres regularly but it is not enough to meet the increasing number of netizens. This is also a problem when it comes to institutions that depend on the internet for their functioning and infrastructure. Institutions like hospitals for example cannot risk slow internet speeds in case of an emergency. Therefore, speeding up the internet will not only help new users but will also help existing research projects which use the internet. This can be achieved by what is known as a congestion control algorithm. Congestion Control Algorithm keep track of congested servers and stop data traffic to that server to free it up.

Congestion Control Algorithm to Speed Up Internet

Google’s BBR to Speed Up Internet

Tasked with increasing the internet speeds for everyone, engineers at Google have been working on their form of a congestion control algorithm. This algorithm is called the BBC (Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip propagation time). BBR is in no way a new algorithm as it has been around since the 1980’s. It’s main job is to detect when a network server is congested and ease it slowing data transfers to it. BBR was actually standardized in the 1980’s for this purpose. BBR plays a major role in the internet speed today but as it is only being used by some corporations its effect is not widespread. Everyone accessing the Google Cloud can make use of this speed as Google uses BBR. Google is not only about Google News and Google Play.

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Now, Google wants to integrate a fully developed version of the BBR into the TCP transmission standard. This in turn will have a ripple effect throughout the entire internet. This will greatly increase internet speeds.

Congestion Control Algorithm Speed Up Internet

Effects of BBR integration by Google

The TCP transmission standard is essential to the internet and if the BBR is incorporated into the standard itself, it will have a huge effect. Since the internet is accessed on a global scale a small percentage increase in overall speeds will go a long way. This integration will help corporations and individuals in many ways. By helping increase the speed of the internet itself, Google is making sure there is global development. In our daily lives, we depend on  fast data transfer a lot and this move will help all the internet users. When the internet was invented and called DARPANET, no one could have imagined the level of speeds it hits nowadays. By increasing these speeds at the source itself, Google has ensured that several people can benefit from this.

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