Indian Railways -Tejas Express Premier Train Route Mumbai-Goa from June 2017

Although Off late but Indian Railways in changing for Good – Here comes a new premier

Whenever we think of Indian Railways a sly smile would pass through our face and the reason is Indian railways do not provide even the basic facilities which it should to its passengers. It is always a pain to book a ticket and then travel and face all such nuisance which you were expecting before handed. Thanks to the irctc website due to which we are saved from the long queues for getting a ticket to travel.

Am I being too pessimistic? Actually no I am just trying to observe people’s mind when it comes to traveling by an Indian rail. The fact will truly astonish you that Indian Railways is one of the widest and one of the most crowded rail networks of the world. As per my logic, the more people travel the more money is available. And this money should be used for the benefit of the passengers. Correct? Just go and check the general sleeper coaches on any train and you will not sit even for a minute there.

Indian Railways major announcements.

Indian railways truly need a thrust of renovation and I think off late but it is changing for good.

  1. This year 2017 brought to us to the good news of a new bullet train route being established under waters on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. The work will start next year and is estimated to get completed by the end of 2023. The technologies of the bullet train had been taken from Japan and the main brains behind this idea of the bullet train in India are the Japanese only. This bullet train will come to India as no less than a revolution.Indian railways - Underwater
  2. Another good news came to my ears 2 days back when I heard a train named ‘Tejas Express. This is a premier train will run on the routes of Mumbai-Goa from June 2017. The train is fully equipped with all state of the art facilities and people traveling to Goa by this train will be spoiled by its exemplary services.
    indian railway tejas train

    Indian Railway Tejas Train

Highlights of Tejas Express:

  •  It is a 20 Coach train with executive and Chair car coaches combined. Each seat has an individual LCD screen. The train will have tea coffee vending machines, magazines and snack tables. A passenger would be given choice of the food curated by the best chefs in the country.
  • The train will also have water indicators in bio-vacuum toilets, hand dryers, and sensitized taps. Along with all these, the train will also serve its passengers with a free Wi-Fi network. The interior of the train will match the exterior color scheme so that passengers get the feel of luxury.
  • The Tejas coaches will be equipped with 22 new features. It will also include fire and smoke detection and suppression systems, automated door lock and secured gangways.

What to expect – After the Mumbai-Goa run is successful the ministry has expressed its wish to initiate this train for the Delhi-Chandigarh route as well. So I definitely started this article in a pessimistic way but I am ending on a good note. These trains should have been started way back in India. But although off late passengers will get the desired benefits and facilities. Hail to this new initiative by railway ministry. Happy Journey People!!!

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