Maruti Suzuki Ignis: The car for the Millennials!

Maruti Suzuki recently underwent a major change in how it operates with the launch of the NEXA showrooms. The NEXA showrooms would be the dealerships where Maruti’s more premium cars would be sold and serviced. The third car to come out from the NEXA stable is the Ignis. The Ignis is being marketed as the car of the millennials. Compact and loaded with features, the car appeals to the youth of India and its target demographic is the same. The unique aspect about the Ignis is its refreshing looks. The Ignis makes people talk about the car itself irrespective of whether they love or hate it. The Ignis is also one of the first cars that Maruti has developed for a specific group of people, a niche market. Maruti is coming up with its face lifted Swift’s later this year but the Ignis will still have a huge following.

Maruti Suzuki

Interior Design, Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Performance

The Ignis comes in a total of six variants all of which have different engines to help in different ways. For example, the top Alpha variant comes with an automated manual transmission gearbox for ease of use. Maruti has used the swift engines for the Ignis. They include the 1.3 liter diesel and the 1.2 liter petrol engine. Interestingly enough, the petrol engine churns out more power than the diesel engine at 84.3 PS at 6000 rpm. The diesel engine however, makes more than enough to beat the petrol engine in terms of torque. The diesel engine makes a whopping 190 Nm of torque at just 2000 rpm.  The engines come mated to a 5 speed manual in all four trims. Ignis also comes with an AMT for two of its variants both with a petrol and diesel engine.

The mileage of the car is something to look out for especially in the Indian market. The petrol engine makes an ARAI certified 20.89 km per liter. The diesel engine churns out more impressive figures at an ARAI certified 26.80 km per liter.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki – Model transformations

Shape the inspiration

This is Maruti’s tagline for the new Ignis. The company is looking to market the car specifically as a fun to drive and fun to own car. This would help the company target millennials looking for a minimalistic, practical car for daily use and those weekend long drives. The features that the car comes with are evidence of Maruti’s effort. The car itself looks cool with several changes in the design that make it stand out in a crowd. The roof, the sunglass-clad like styling and the three slits on the C-Pillar.

Special Features

The car also comes packed with several features on the inside including a 7-inch infotainment screen for the higher trims. The infotainment screen is touch screen enabled and supports smart phone connectivity and a navigation system. Apple car play, Android Auto and a voice recognition function will come standard with the car.

Maruti Suzuki

Navigation, Maruti SuzukiSpecial Features

All of these features combine together to form a truly inspirational car that is fun to drive and makes a style statement. What do you think about the car? Is it what India needs right now or should Maruti stick to what they know best?

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