An Almost Complete List of All Okay Google Commands

I used an Almost Complete list for Ok google commands. Actually, it is the totally complete list of Ok Google Command. I have tried my best to add all the Ok Google Commands I have gone through. Today, In this I have added almost all the Ok Google Commands which you can use. You must know about all these commands to access Ok google command easily without any problem. Only If you are fluent in these commands then voice search can recognize your voice easily. You don’t have to repeat the words again and again in order to make the Your voice recognizable to the System.

List of All Okay Google Commands

List of All Okay Google Commands

`Google is now built in with the Android and is a good competitor for Siri and Cortana. It is the best alternative to Siri and Cortana nowadays. But it is not that much good like Apple and Cortana to recognize the voice of the human while doing voice search. Apple and Microsoft are ahead to Google in this. We have the complete list of Ok Google commands till the latest update.

How to Use Ok Google Commands

It is really very easy to setup your Android device for Voice command. Steps are given below:

  1. On your Android device, Launch Google App.
  2. On the top left of the app, Tap on the three line menu.
  3. Now Choose Voice and then Ok Google detection.
  4. Toggle on ‘From any screen’ to enable you to freely use Okay Google commands.
  5. To train it to your voice Follow the setup wizard.

Until you become fluent on giving the command to Google, You should say just a few words to google for your voice recognition.

Below is the list of those Ok Command:

1Schedule an appointment… say task, time and date.
2What is my schedule for tomorrow?
3When’s my next meeting?
4Where is my next meeting?
5Synonyms for…
6Etymology of…
7What is?.. phrase or word.
8Set a timer for (number of) minutes.
9Where’s my package?
13Send email to…
14Post to… say Twitter, Facebook etc.
15.. app, website, Gmail etc.
16Go to… website.
17Take a picture/photo
18Record a video
19Set an alarm for…
20Set a timer for…
21Remind me to… say task, time and date.
22Make a note
23Set an alarm for… say time and date.
24Create a calendar event.. say task, time and date.
25Next Song / Pause Song
26Play/watch/read… content in Google Play library
27What’s this song?
28Do a barrel roll. Easter egg.
29Beam me up Scotty. Easter egg.
30Make me a sandwich. Easter egg.
31Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. Easter egg.
32Who are you? Easter egg.
33When am I? Easter egg.
34Show me gift ideas for…
35Give me a love quote.
36What does the fox say? Easter egg.
37What is a?.. Add medical term or injury.
38How many calories are in?
39When will my package arrive? Add tracking number.
40Where is the nearest…
41Navigate to…
42Directions to…
43Where is…?
44Who is?
45Who is?.. person’s relation.
46Who wrote?
47Who invented?
48How old is?
49How do I?
50How tall is?
51Show me pictures of…
52Show me the trailer for… movie, TV show.
53Play me a video of…
54Show me on… Add movie or TV show and your app of choice.
55Shazam this song.
56Roll a die.
57Flip a coin.
58Play Pacman.
59What’s the loneliest number? Easter egg.
60Take a selfie.
61Take a picture.
62Turn on my flashlight.
63Turn on/off… Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC.
64Find my phone.
65Increase/decrease brightness.
66Increase/decrease volume.
67Set volume to..
68Mute the volume.
69What is stock price? Add ticker name.
70What is trending at? Add ticker name.
71Show near me on TripAdvisor. Say what venue.
72Show homes for sale in on Trulia. Just add your city.
73Scan my receipt on… Say store name.
74What sound does a (animal/object) make?
75Show me my flight info
76Where’s my hotel?
77What are some attractions around here?
78How do you say (word) in (language)?
79What is (currency) in (currency)?
80What’s the flight status of…?
81Play some music (opens “I’m feeling lucky” radio station in Google Play Music)

Well, We should get updated time to time. Now, mostly people are using voice command to use their phone but I am still addicted to the keyboard. Basically, voice search make our work more easier and comfortable. Voice search is more useful for the drivers. Nowadays voice search is trending and everyone is using this. I think in future only voice search will work and our mobile will become our closest friend with whom we can talk.

That’s all for the Google Ok Commands. We have provided you the mostly used commands in the Ok Google. Hope, the above article is helpful for you and if you want to read more helpful articles like this then visit regularly. To get regular updates on your email, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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