Rolls Royce: Is this the best car in the world?

Cars from the Rolls Royce stable have always been touted as the best cars in the world. This is not simply because every detail about the car screams luxury. Every inch of the 450 odd pieces of leather inside the car is painstakingly stitched by hand. The car itself is almost entirely handmade. The British car maker recently changed hands after BMW bought Rolls Royce. Since then, the quality of the Royce cars has only been going up. Since being inducted into the German car maker’s eaves, Rolls has made use of the superb technology BMW has developed for its cars. Simply put, this latest technology will let Rolls Royce owners glide over the road so smoothly that they won’t even feel they are behind a growling V12.

Performance of Rolls Royce

The hand built engine of the Rolls Royce comes from the BMW stables. The massive V12 churns out huge amounts of power which allows the car to accelerate like crazy when it wants to. The car can reach a top speed of 155 mph which is uncharacteristic of this luxury behemoth. The engine is refined to levels which make it feel as if the car is gliding. The driving experience of a Rolls is obviously superb. One of the most interesting features of the Royce driving experience is the light steering wheel. The wheel is extremely light and helps the driver turn this giant with little effort. The car can also pull away anytime it wants thanks to the reservoir of torque always available from the V12.

Rolls Royce


This is the most important part of the Rolls Royce experience. Business Moghuls and State leaders prefer the Royce for the amazing level of luxury it offers. This car is one to be driven around in rather than driving. The car is covered entirely with leather and wood veneers on the inside which make for an out of the world experience. One of the many quirks in the car is the ashtray. Rolls Royce cars have immense attention to detail and it is evident from the function of the ashtray. The ashtray empties itself so that it is always clean when it is opened the next time. This shows the level of dedication Rolls Royce puts into each car.

Rolls Royce


What is perhaps most popular among Rolls Royce owner is the bespoke features. Owners can demand whatever color they like and they will have it. They can also select the wood to be used in the car which will then be specially procured for them. Rolls Royce even has a dedicated catalogue which makes it easy for owners to pick a unique combination. This makes sure that no two Rolls Royce cars will ever be the same. All these bespoke features will drastically drive up the price of the car. However, the people who drive and who are driven around in a car like this hardly care about the money. Buying a $400,000 car is like a walk in the park for these uber rich people. Do you think one day you can buy a Rolls Royce? Do you already own one? Comment down below.

Rolls Royce

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