Sustainable Tourism – Possible for a world as a whole or just a rhetoric?

Sustainable Tourism – Possible for a world as a whole or just a rhetoric?

This very year is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development for United Nations. Sustainable tourism derives its name and concept from the sustainable development. Sustainable developments means meeting the demands and needs of current generations keeping in mind the prospects and scope for the future generations to peep in.

The secretary general of UN World Tourism Organisation declared that sustainable tourism is a unique contribution to the three pillars of the sustainability i.e. social, economic and environmental. He also raised his awareness for the true dimensions of growth which is often undervalued.

Due to environmental crisis we put a taboo on our demands but the economic growth is endless and it is a perpetual process. Let us understand sustainable tourism in detail:

Tourism is very important as far as growth of any nation is concerned. It is a huge industry and a lot of countries are completely dependent on tourism for their growth and development. It was estimated that in 2016 approximately 1.6 billion people travelled across boundaries for tourism and another 6 billion for domestic visits.

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According to the UN World Tourism Organisation, sustainable tourism is:

Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.

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The Tourism Trouble Spots

Well to run tourism in one’s country calls for a lot of attention and complacency at the same time. Tourism invites every kind of individual to come and observe the place and even some trouble babies who might end up destroying the place completely. Recently in Venice people complained that tourists are destroying their city and that a ban should be put on tourism. Now under such case how can sustainable tourism be possible?

And there are a few places where people feel pride to announce that their country is tourism friendly. Although there is no up to date comprehensive debate on the impacts of tourism and so matter is fragmented.

Although these talks are taken as just rhetoric and hardly people are paying attention but we can always find out ways through which sustainable tourism in very well possible.

To make tourism more sustainable a lot of people and bodies need to cautious and proactive in the matter. It is every one’s responsibility to make it possible for the betterment of the whole world. Here are the stakeholders:

Government – Government first of all should start paying attention to the tourism industry, it should make a point to develop tourism and keeping it above the growth fetish. It should make sure that tourism grows within the sustainable development and it should take great care about global warming and climate change. Tourism development require integrated planning and so the best government tourism authorities should be approached.

Consumers: Consumers should be well educated before they plan their travel. They should mark a line while dealing with anything related to some other country. They should keep in mind that they have arrived to observe the beauty and not destroy it.

Local Communities: the local communities should also have right to make a decision regarding tourism in their area.

Workers of tourism: The workers of tourism should give fair and decent conditions to the tourists.

Non-governmental organisations are responsible for noting and reporting any abuse done by tourists like land grabs, corruption, community opposition etc.

UN should harness these stakeholders in the circumference of sustainable development rather than just sustainable tourism which will make its rhetoric real.

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