Top 10 Himalayan Treks You Should Not Miss

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Top 10 Himalayan Treks You Should Not Miss

India’s collection of trekking expeditions beat a lot of other countries in the same field since when compared with the stunning beauty of Himalayan vistas, a few other mountains are able to keep up with them. There are plenty of Himalayan treks for beginners available; nevertheless, the experience comes with a unique feeling to it.

Winter treks during the month of December and January in India are exceptionally breathtaking, with mountain silhouettes serving as your photo’s background. Not just that, the chilling weather when coupled with sipping of warm mountain tea or coffee during breaks comes with another kind of ethereal satisfaction that, when thought, is impossible to feel in daily mundanity. Check out the following top Himalayan treks for both beginners and experts you should keep an eye on:

1. Deoriatal-Chandrashila

In the state of Uttarakhand, the trek from Deoriatal to Chandrashila starts during the winter season and carries on for 6 days. This is best when the first term of the snow has just fallen and lets you hear the fresh crusting beneath your feet. This is one of the Himalayan treks for beginners that leaves you gaping in awestruck as you climb to the Chandrashila summit to visualise some of the ajestic mountaintops of India.

 Himalayan Treks Deoriatal Chandrashila

2. Gaumukh Tapovan trek

If you are keen in witnessing the sunrises and sunsets from Mt. Shivling and the Bhagirathi Sisters, then Gaumukh Tapovan trek is the trek to do in the month of May. The second week of May is ideally the best time for trekking here when many trekkers attach themselves spiritually while doing it.

Himalayan Treks Gaumukh Tapovan trek

3. Buran Ghati trek

The new favourite of the trekkers, the Buran Ghati trek, is not your ideal chilling weather trek; however, the camping experiences are worth trying. Dayara and Dhunda’s camping panoramas produce photos of calendar material. The true feeling of adventure hits you when you get to the narrow pass and feast your eyes with the grand wall of Buran Ghati.

Himalayan Treks Buran Ghati trek

4. Kashmir Great Lakes trek

The grand Kashmir Great Lakes trek during the months of the rainy season is when you are searching for a place that in no way matches any mortal beauty down below. The rainy season is indeed the best time for trekking here, as this is when the meadows and the grasslands in Kashmir exude a greenish warmth that goes unrivalled with any other beauty of Earth.

Himalayan Treks Kashmir Great Lakes trek

5. Har Ki Dun

This winter trek is hardly done in the winter season anymore; nonetheless, people have recently started visiting Har Ki Dun during January and December for the past couple of years. The view of the snow-covered mountains is sensational when you are passing through the different Himachali villages that this trek connects. The skills required for this trek is moderate, but if you could manage it, you would be rewarded with a trailing through a magnificent snow-laden field with majestic mountains acting as your walls.

Hilayan treks Har Ki Dun

6. Hampta Pass trek

Starting from Manali, the Hampta Pass trek might not bring you regal snow-covered mountains, yet after a strenuous affair, the stunning mountainous panoramas are hard to dismiss. On reaching Lahaul after crossing the narrow snow-filled Hampta Pass, the change of scenery is sure to take you by surprise as you stand there for a while gazing at the ridiculously beautiful extensions around. While on this trek, you could even reward yourself with the bonus of Chandratal vistas.

Himalayan treks Hampta Pass trek

7. Roopkund trek

Although the Roopkund trek is a summer trek, yet the Himalayas are at their beauty peak during the autumn season (September-October). The chilling weather here is replaced with a pleasant one when you are able to trek through the forests, climb up an altitude of 16,000 feet and witness the majestic splendours of the Roopkund Mountain. This trek is more popular for the sunsets at the Bedni Bugyal during the summer season.

Himalayan treks Roopkund trek

8. Dayara Bugyal

When one of the most beautiful meadows of India is covered with a thick layer of regally white snow, there’s no doubt that it is the trekking destination to look out for. The snow-laden oak forests and the snowcapped Garhwal Himalayas is a sight worth noticing.

Himalayan treks Dayara Bugyal

9. Kedarkantha trek

The Kedarkantha trek is sure to transport you to a fairyland in the month of April when the early spring coupled with a chilling weather slowly starts clearing the snow to expose the blossomed flowers. Experience camping at the Juda ka Talab Campsite just 5 minutes from the Kedarkantha trail to bring back cherished memories.

Himalayan treks Kedarkantha trek

10. Valley of Flowers trek

In the month of July, the classic Valley of Flowers trek rewards with a breathtaking layer of blue wild flowers. If you get here a few weeks later, the flowers would have turned into a pleasant purple or mauve. During the following months, the flowers keep retaining their beauty, which is enhanced if you witness them during the rainy season.

himalayan treks Valley of Flowers trek


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