Genuine Money Making Apps in India 2018 [100% Legit and Real]

Money making apps in India: Everyone wants to earn money online and search for an income source. Have you heard of online earning? If No, then let me tell you that you can earn money online just by doing some easy tasks.

Isn’t it cool? You can make money online from your home. These earnings can’t make you rich but these are enough to handle some extra expenses or if you are a student then you can add some extra income excluding your pocket money to enjoy with your friends.

In this article, we are going to share the list of some apps which pays you online. I know, On the internet you must have read so many articles on how to make money online? but most of them are fake. So, don’t worry all these apps are legit and 100% genuine. Using these apps you can earn money online. We are sharing the list of Best Moneymaking of 2018 in India.

You just need a smartphone to make money online. We will also share some tricks with you by which you can make money faster. Without wasting time let’s check out the list of Best money making apps.

Best Money Making Apps in India

Best Money Making Apps in India

List of Best Money Making Apps of 2018 in India

Below, we are sharing a list of apps using which you can earn money online. These are the best apps to make money online.

1. Tez – Google’s payment best apps to earn money  

Tez App by Google is the best option to make money online. Using Tez app you can earn money easily just by inviting your friends or family members on tez. On their first transaction through Tez, you will receive 51 INR in your account. Tez also provides you so many cash back offers.

You will be rewarded with scratch cards on every transaction. On scratching those cards you can win prizes up to 1 lakh INR.

2. Loco – India’s first live trivia money making app

Loco is one of the best apps to make money online. Do you like the game Kaun Banega Crorepati? If yes, then you will definitely love this game. On Loco app, you can play games online and earn money. There is a quiz game on cricket. On weekdays, you can play this game at 1:30 PM and 10:00 PM. On weekends you can play it only once a day at 10:00 PM.

If you answer the questions asked by the host correctly then you will won the money. The money will be transferred to you payTM wallet directly.

3. ESPN streak for the cash – Best apps to earn money

If your prediction power is strong then you can make a huge amount of money using this app. This app is based on the prediction. During IPL if you predict right then you can really become rich in a very short time. Do you know? You can make around 1.2 million dollars using this app. It is all about your prediction power. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and download this link and start making money online.

4. Cash Pirate – Big money making apps

Using this app, you can make money online by watching videos, completing surveys, and downloading apps through cash pirate. Basically, Cash Pirate rewards you with money if you download apps through Cash Pirate. Inviting friends to download Cash Pirate can let you win the money rewards.

The reward amount increases if the number of users of Cash Pirate increases. Once the downloading is done by more users than you can get so many benefits on downloads and browsing.

5. Moocash – Online apps to earn money

Moocash is one of the best app which provides you money reward on downloading apps using this app and browsing using this app. You can also earn by doing some simple and easy tasks. This app is completely genuine and once you earnings reach $2, you can withdraw them through Paypal. I would recommend this app to you because this app can make you real money in your free time.So, don’t forget to dowload this app.

6. Dream11 – Fantasy League Big Money Making Apps

Dream 11 is one of the famous and best apps to make money online. The concept of this app is really interesting and impressive. Using this app you can earn so much money from your team. During the cricket match, you have to make your own team choosing your own team members. There is a little participating amount but returns are huge.

This app makes us huge amount in less time and provides huge amount of money. This app is legal and genuine app which provides you the real money. So, don’t waste your time and download this best app to make real money.

7. YesMobo – No.1 online apps to earn money

Here comes the best app of our list. You can easily earn good amount of money using this app. Yesmobo app provides you ads links which you share with your contacts on whatsapp and if you get one click on that link you earn Rs. 1. Suppose you have 500 contacts on whatsapp then you can share the ads links with all your contacts and if you get just 200 clicks then you have earned 200 inr per day. This is good app using which you can earn good amount of money.

Final Words

These all are the best and genuine money making apps in India. You can download these apps and earn money in your free time. Some of the apps can make you earn a huge amount of money too. Now, It is up to you how much dedicated you are and what potential do you have to save money for other expense.. Money making is really very easy if you explore. So download the apps mentioned above and make money online in your free time. For more updates you can subscribe our newsletter. And if you know the name of some more apps then let us know in comments. If you can suggest us something for some improvement then just let us know in comments or mail us. Hope the above article is useful for you.

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