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Windows 2000 ISO : It was in the early 1990’s that Microsoft windows launched its products in the market but it was not until the launch of the Windows 95 that they bought a revolution which was in the year 1995. It was the greatest and formed the most times. It was the easiest to use the system along with the best user interface. These were just a few features apart from these it had many more features which were the reason for the system to go this popular.

It was after the launch of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 that were even bigger hits and came wrapped up in better surprises. All these are the reasons that people don’t get over the Windows. And because you are here and still reading this page I assume that even you might have found something worth with the Windows 2000. And if that’s the case you landed up the right place here you’ll find everything related to Windows 2000 ISO.

This simply means, that in this article, you will get to read about everything useful and relevant to Windows 2000, along with the links to Windows 2000 Download.

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Windows 2000 ISO – Introduction:

After Windows 95 and Windows 98 were launched it was Windows 2000 that was bought with a modernized version of Windows NT 4. Many new changes came along with this new version, in the NT series, as active Desktop etc. Microsoft introduced the four different editions of Windows 2000 that were Professional, Server, Data Server, Advanced Server, and all the four were famous very soon. Lets first a view of the features at the Windows 2000 and later one can find all the relevant links to download the Windows 2000 ISO of all versions.

Windows 2000 Features:-

  1. Better Accessibility Features: Accessibility Features were way too better than in Windows 95, and 98
  2. DVD Support: The new Windows could support DVD after Floppy disk too
  3. Multi-Monitor Support: Windows 2000 supported the use of Multiple Monitors on one system
  4. Infrared Monitor Support: This application was useful for moving files without wires
  5. Internet Sharing: One of the new cool features of Windows 2000 was Internet Sharing
  6. Smart Cards: Smart Cards support was entirely new and it made network log-ins more secure and less expensive
  7. Universal Support for Devices: Windows 2000 can also support around 4000 Printers, 700 Network devices, 4200 Modems, 55 Scanners, 50 Cameras and many other hardware devices

The above were the main features of the Windows 2000. Scroll down for further details and to find the links for the download.

Technical Details for Windows 2000 ISO, and System Requirements to Run Windows 2000:

  • Software Name: Windows 2000 ISO

It has an offline/Standalone Full Setup Type of Setup and Microsoft is the developer and the lone author of the same.

System Requirements to Run Windows 2000:-

It requires a Processor of 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU and a RAM of 64MB and also an available Storage Space of 2 GB.

The best being that probably every system that is present in the year 2017 can run the Windows 2000 so all your worries can take a back seat. Windows 95 did have quite a few exciting features in it. The great news is that almost any system in the present times can run these with no problem at all. So now that’s all in the world you ought to know about Windows 2000. Let’s now scroll further to download the Windows 2000.

So, as already mentioned earlier, this one is about the Final Build of Windows 2000.Just, go ahead and Download Windows 2000 ISO Setup Files from here for Free.

Windows 2000 ISO – Windows 2000 Download:

On 17th February 2000 Microsoft Launched Windows 2000 with a hope of ruling the market and hence making it a huge success. It was available in four editions Professional, Server, Data Server, and Advanced Server Windows made their debut into the stream of Server Operating Systems along with the launch of Windows 2000 Server OS. And Windows 2000 was a part of this stream. Windows 2000 Download:

  • Download Windows 2000 ISO (SP4) – [Click to Download]
  • Windows Server 2000 ISO Download – [Click to Download]

windows 2000 iso

Windows 2000 Home Screen, Windows 2000 Features :

Home Screen Windows 2000 :

These are the links which you can be used to Download ISO Setup Files for Windows 2000. Also, in order to Install these, you’ll need to extract these.ISO files and the with the help of a boot disk and VMware/virtual machine, install on your system.

Windows 2000 Download – Overview, Key Features, and Video Demo:

Microsoft’s Windows 2000 was a massive hit in that time, and there were many reasons for it. Not that it rocked the markets as Windows XP or Windows 7, still it was not a failure as bad as Windows Vista, or Windows ME were. Windows 2000 came right before the launch of the Windows Server 2000 OS and included many new features. Some of the important features have been listed below.

Windows 2000 Key Features:

  • Better performance
  • Classic Appearance/Theme
  • New Search Menu
  • New Wallpapers

Apart from these, there were many new features, which have already been mentioned above.

Index of this Post – Everything about Windows 2000 ISO:-

Well just too ensure that you did not miss anything in this article. You can make most out of the article without later getting in the havoc go through the index made below. This will surely save most of the valuable time. To make sure you gained all the information have a look at the index and verify if you read it all, or if you missed out on anything.


  • Introduction
  • Windows 2000 Features
  • Technical Details of Windows 2000
  • System Requirements for Win 2000
  • Windows 2000 ISO Setup Files
  • Installation
  • Windows 2000 Download – Overview
  • Key Features
  • Windows 2000 ISO Post Installation Demo

So, this was all the information we had in store for now. Going ahead, you will be able to find all the important information and all the Important Links for the Windows 2000 Download. Let’s spread the knowledge you gained so if you find the article helpful, then share it with your friends who need to know this too.

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