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Windows 2000 ISO : Microsoft started showing its expertise since the 90’s but the innovations and launches actually gained momentum after the grand reveal of Windows 95. This validates the fact that 1995 was the path-breaking year for the Microsoft users which later transformed into a more holistic affair with the likes of Windows 98 and Windows 2000, launched.

It was actually surprising how drastically Windows 2000 changed the functional scenario associated with computing. With such a wide range of functionalities on offer, Microsoft became one of the most sought after names in the tech arena. People started getting glued to the Windows operating systems with the likes of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 gathering most of the positive reviews.

For our readers who are interested in getting up close and personal with the Windows 2000 OS, it’s time to read along and find substantial information to make peace with the existing requirements. However, at present we will be concentrating on the Windows 2000 ISO version and how one can reuse this vintage operating platform by downloading the former for free

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Windows 2000 ISO – Introduction:

While Windows 2000 wasn’t hailed as a game changer like Windows XP or Windows 98, it certainly came across as a modernized and more efficient version of the Windows NT 4. We witnessed a wide-range of functional changes with four versions of Windows 2000 doing rounds. Be it the Advanced Server, data server, professional server or a version that combines all the utilities, Windows 2000 is one OS that offered several choices to the individuals. At present, we are looking at the existing choices and how to get hold of the ISO version of the same.

Windows 2000 Features

This version of Windows OS came forth with a full gamut of exceptional features and it’s only fitting that we revisit each one of them before downloading the same.

  1. Exceptional Accessibility Features:Windows 2000 offers excellent accessibility in comparison to some of the preceding versions like Windows 95 and Windows 98.
  2. Better DVD Support:While Floppy disk support comes in as a built-in feature, this version of Windows also comes with DVD compatibility.
  3. Efficient Internet Sharing: Windows 2000 comes forth with decent internet sharing support which is way better as compared to some of the other versions.
  4. Smart Cards:The concept of Smart card support makes this OS version an elusive entity. This aspect allows exceptionally secured login access followed by cost-effectiveness.
  5. Universal Device Support:When it comes to rendering device support, Windows 2000 supports an exceptional conglomerate of gadgets. This OS version can support nearly 55 scanners, 50 cameras and around 7000 network devices in that regard.
  6. The Concept of Multi-Monitor Support:Windows 2000 actually spurred a revolution by offering support and efficient compatibility for multiple monitors.
  7. Support for Infrared Monitor:Last but not the least, Windows 2000 brings forth an excellent concept of wireless and seamless file transfers via infrared sharing.

Now when we have enlisted all the essential features associated with Windows 2000, it is important to ascertain the efficacy of the ISO version and take a close look at the downloadable links

Technical Details for Windows 2000 ISO, and System Requirements to Run Windows 2000

  • Software Name: Windows 2000 ISO

Downloading the standalone or rather offline setup of this OS version is possible with the ISO module on-board. One author is supported and the developer name for the same is Microsoft.

System Requirements to Run Windows 2000

The functionality of Windows 2000 OS is best experienced if the machine comes across with a minimum storage capacity of 2GB. A 133MHz processor is required and the user also needs to have a Pentium-compatible Central Processing Unit. The minimum RAM requirement for the same is 64MB.

Now, when we are looking for all these functionalities in 2018, the requirements shouldn’t be an issue. Every modern day computer is sufficiently empowered when it comes to installing the ISO version of this operating system. With technical specifications, feature sets and system requirements out of the way, it becomes important that we finally come to the downloading part. However, it is essential to approach the same by looking at the ISO setup files and the final version of the operating system.

Windows 2000 ISO – Windows 2000 Download:

Before moving further into this discussion, it is important to know that Microsoft unveiled this OS version way back in 2000 and that too on 17th of February. While four editions were initially available, the advanced server module was the one that actually transformed the way users started looking at their machines. Moreover, the grand reveal of the Windows 2000 server operating system also attracted a lot of attention. So here are the existing links that we are talking about:

  • Download Windows 2000 ISO (SP4) – [Click to Download]
  • Windows Server 2000 ISO Download – [Click to Download]

windows 2000 iso

 Windows 2000 Home Screen, Windows 2000 Features 

Home Screen Windows 2000

When it comes to looking at the Home Screen for Windows 2000, we have quite a few basics to consider. Downloading the Setup ISO files for the same is a quite a good option as we just need to extract the concerned files, convert the same into a bootable form and install them on the system via the Virtual Machine and VMware unit.

Windows 2000 Download – Overview, Key Features, and Video Demo

It isn’t wrong to say that Windows 2000 was an extremely successful version but still couldn’t trump the likes of Windows 7 and Windows XP. While it just came before the Windows Server 2000 OS, there were still many exciting features to look at:

Windows 2000 Key Features:

  • Better Overall Performance
  • Classic Theme or Appearance
  • New Wallpapers
  • New Search Tab

Apart from these, there were many new features, which have already been mentioned above.

Index of this Post – Everything about Windows 2000 ISO:-

So, here is our chance of revisiting the basics of this article for helping our readers summarize things in a better manner.


  • Introduction
  • Windows 2000 Features
  • Technical Details of Windows 2000
  • System Requirements for Win 2000
  • Windows 2000 ISO Setup Files
  • Installation
  • Windows 2000 Download – Overview
  • Key Features
  • Windows 2000 ISO Post Installation Demo

It is 2018 and here is a detailed guide on how to get Windows 2000 up and running on your system to witness something nostalgic. We, however, advise that it’s quite a good move to offer Windows 2000 ISO version of the people who are using computer for the first time as the interactive layout of the older OS versions can help novices learn the basics of computing, way faster as compared to the more convoluted versions

So, this was all the information we had in store for now. Going ahead, you will be able to find all the important information and all the Important Links for the Windows 2000 Download. Let’s spread the knowledge you gained so if you find the article helpful, then share it with your friends who need to know this too.

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