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Download Windows Vista ISO Files Free. Microsoft, it the name in the market the huge tech giant and all knows about it really well. Its been on the market for more than 2 Decades now and yet is showing no signs of failure, right? Probably this is not the case, ever heard of the Microsoft Windows Vista?  And just not to scare you let me tell you a Fun Fact, it was “Windows Vista Home Basic”. No matter how Slow or laggy it was people still loved its unique design. This was something totally different something just out of the box which Microsoft had never introduced. Everything from the transparency to the opacity of the Windows was commendable and this includes the Ultra HD wallpapers, everything attracted people but the only drawback is its performance.

The Windows Vista is often denoted as the sweet mistake of the Microsoft because anyhow it did bring some new features to the market as after this beauty was brought to the market. The Windows 7. was launched prior to the Windows Vista release in the year 2007 and people did want to try out the new software. But it leads to disappointment because they realised that Microsoft Windows OS was capable of doing something much better and worth. And because you are here and still reading this page I assume that even you might have found something worth with the Windows Vista. And if that’s the case you landed up the right place here you’ll find everything related to Windows Vista.

Windows Vista ISO Download – Introduction:

The Windows Vista was the talk of the year 2007 now an old talk but if old means bad probably Windows 98 and 95 also don’t need the appreciation they do at the moment? Well you being here on this page, there are high chances that even you are an OS Greek like a lot of people. And the zeal of an OS/Tech Greek to make things work their way is just commendable. So you will find all the correct information in regard to the Windows Vista, and the Download Links for Windows Vista ISO.

But before that let’s have a quick look at the Major Windows Vista Features.

Instant Search: Also the instant search from the Start Menu first came with the Windows Vista.

New User Interface – Windows Aero: The Transparency of the Taskbar and the Window which we experience in Windows 10 even Now, originated from Windows Vista.

Performance Centre: For the times when your PC is not responding as it should, there was a Performance Centre in the Windows Vista. It would resolve some of the Minor Speed and Performance Issues.

Windows Defender: For those who didn’t believe in installing any third party Antivirus apps to their PC, Windows Defender was always there.

Windows Sidebar: This was one of the major features of Windows Vista. Adding a Sidebar, Windows Vista made accessibility easier.

Windows Media Centre: For the people who liked to Enjoy Media and Entertainment on their PC, Windows Media Centre was a great addition.

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Now after you have had a Look at the Windows Vista Features, let’s move ahead for Windows Vista ISO Download.

Windows Vista ISO Setup Files – Technical Details and System Requirements for Installation:

Technical Details of Windows Vista ISO Files:

  • Software Name: Windows Vista ISO
  • Compatible Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) or 64 Bit (x64)

System Requirements for Installing Windows Vista ISO:

It has an Offline/Standalone Full type of set-up and Microsoft is the Lone Author and developer of the same. It requires for a Processor of 800 MHz Pentium 4 or Above Processor (1 GHz for Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, Microsoft Vista Business, Microsoft Vista Enterprise, and Microsoft Vista Ultimate) and a RAM of 512 MB (1 GB for Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, Microsoft Vista Business, Microsoft Vista Enterprise, and Microsoft Vista Ultimate) with a total Storage Space of minimum 15 GB and a DirectX 9-class graphics card along with Graphics Memory of 32 MB (140 MB for Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, Microsoft Vista Business, Microsoft Vista Enterprise, and Microsoft Vista Ultimate)and finally a CD/DVD ROM.

the best being that probably every system that is present in the year 2017 can run the Windows 3.1 so all your worries can take a back seat. Windows 3.1 did have quite a few exciting features in it, and the great news is that almost any system in the present times can run these with no problem at all. So now that’s all in the world you ought to know about Windows 3.1. Let’s now scroll further to download the Windows Vista ISO.

Windows Vista ISO Download – Download Windows Vista Ultimate ISO Setup Files for Free (Vista ISO):

Well, a lot of information has been dispatched to the Windows Vista Home Basic, Vista Ultimate, and Vista Business, Windows Vista Home Premium ISO, as well. Now is the time to reveal the links for downloading the software. Below here are the One Click Download Links for Windows Vista ISO.

Microsoft Windows Vista ISO Download:

  • Windows Vista ISO 32 Bit (Ultimate) [Download SP2 x86 (32-bit)]
  • MS Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit ISO [Download]
  • Windows Vista ISO (Ultimate Edition) [Download SP1 x86  (32-bit)]

From the above-mentioned links, you would be able to download the Windows Vista IS files and that too for free but only for 30 Days after that, the system would start asking you for the Activation key.

Note – If the download client requires a Username and Password:

UN: 12345,

PW: 12345

Note: If while installing you encounter any .7-zip format files then you would require installing a 7-Zip Extractor. Below here are some of the links for downloading the 7-Zip Extractors for different Operating Systems, just find yours and you would be good to go.

Links to download the 7-Zip Extractor Download:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS

How to Install Windows Vista ISO and Create a Windows Vista Bootable.ISO Image?

After you have downloaded the essential files, the next thing you need to do is set everything up. If you are New to Technology, you surely will need some help. For that reason, I am here sharing the Stepwise Installation Procedure for the Vista ISO that you downloaded.

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Steps to Install Windows Vista ISO on Your System:

  • Download the 7-Zip Extractor according to your OS
  • Now, download the Windows Files and Extract their ISO Files
  • Later burn these into a Bootable Windows XP CD or DVD
  • Use the burned Windows CD to Install the Windows XP on your PC/ Device

Steps to Create Windows Vista Bootable.ISO Image:

  • Download and Install Image Burn, to create .iso Image Files
  • Now Click on the Create Image from Files and Folders
  • Go to Source and Select Windows Vista folder after Extracting the files in it
  • Click on Advanced Tab, and change the following
  • Developer ID: Microsoft Corporation
  • Load Segment: 07C0 and Sectors to load: 4
  • Go to the Boot Image option, Click on Browse Folders button, then go to Vista Folder>Boot Folder>etfs Boot
  • Finally, click on Build and save the .iso file
  • Windows Vista ISO Download, Windows Vista Features, Windows Vista Bootable ISO

windows vista iso installation guide windows vista iso

Windows Vista Features

Windows Vista Aero User Interface, Windows Vista UI Windows Vista Aero User Interface

Note: You might also need to Download the Virtual Box. So, search the Internet, in case if you have to.


Windows Vista Ultimate Features:

  • Major Overhauling in the RUN Menu
  • Includes Windows Media Player 11
  • Very Secure, with the Improvements in the Windows Firewall
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – faster, and smarter than ever before

Windows Vista Review:

Windows Vista Ultimate was a really good version. Here, you can also find the Windows Vista ISO files. These included Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit ISO and also the Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit ISO.

Index – Well just to ensure that you did not miss anything in this article and you can make most out of the article without later getting in the havoc go through the index made below. This will surely save most of the valuable time. To make sure you gained all the information have a look at the index and verify if you read it all, or if you missed out on anything.


  • Windows Vista Features
  • Technical Details of Windows Vista ISO Setup Files
  • System Requirements for Running Windows Vista Home Basic and other Versions
  • Links for Windows Vista ISO Download
  • 7-Zip Extractor (If you find .7-zip format files)
  • Install Vista ISO System
  • Create Windows Vista Bootable ISO

So, this was all the information we had in store for now. Going ahead, you will be able to find all the important information and all the Important Links for the Windows Vista ISO Download. Let’s spread the knowledge you gained so if you find the article helpful, then share it with your friends who need to know this too.

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