Just 15 MINS Home Cleaning Strategy in Prim and Proper Way!

Just 15 MINS Home Cleaning Strategy in Prim and Proper Way!

Ever worried about your rooms being dirty and untidy when there are guests to arrive or when you get home after a long day’s work? Although there might not be enough time and energy to thoroughly clean every nook and corner of your house, however, the 15-minute cleanup strategies can do a fine work too. Know the specific home cleaning hacks and you should be spared the tediousness and time-consuming detailed cleaning techniques. However, these tips and tricks are best suited for emergencies; if you keep considering these strategies as the only effective cleaning method, then chances are your rooms might start to smell nasty. Check out the following home cleaning tricks to save your day!

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1. Focus on a room at a time

This is especially crucial when you are about to have guests at your house. Generally, guests wander around three specific rooms, the kitchen, bathroom and the dining or the living room. Hence, concentrate on the ways to make these spaces tidier and cleaner as the guests are likely to judge your organizational skills. Since bedrooms and basement are more personal spaces, the guests would mind less if they appear messier than the social rooms.

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2. Cleaning tips

If you have a big family then tidying up your space only gets simpler. A highly recommended tip for home cleaning is to bring your whole squad (husband/wife and kids) and assign them specific areas and tasks to cover. For instance, put the younger kids to gather their disarranged toys all over the floor and tell the teens to clean up dishes and counters. The rest could be easily covered by you and your significant other.

Although it is a 15-minute cleaning strategy, the time would pass at an unimaginably faster pace. Also, you might not get enough time to groom yourself for the guests. Hence, another very important home cleaning trick is to always set yourself to finish up earlier.

Home cleaning strategy and tips

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3. Prepare a checklist

A very effective and organized top secret to getting your home cleaned fast at the right time in the right way is to maintain a house cleaning checklist. The list should provide the necessary 15-minute cleaning supplies and the tasks that you are to do with those supplies. Here are the home cleaning hacks to include on your checklist:

  • In the kitchen: Firstly, toss a lemon peel with some baking soda into the garbage disposal and after 5-minutes, run it. Organize and arrange the clutter over the counter tops and wipe the tops in a swift motion. Clean the table tops too and arrange the dinner setting.
  • In the bathroom: with the help of a toilet scrubber, clean the commode bowl to erase any stain or smell. Wipe and clean the toilet seat using a disinfectant wipe. Clean the bathroom mirror and sinks. Also, put some fresh flowers on the counter to provide for the natural sweet smell without using any bathroom freshener.
  • In the dining and sitting room: Firstly, remove any unwanted household objects like books or magazines off the table and then arrange the chair and clean the table top. Dry and wet mop the floor surfaces of both the rooms. Tidy up the sofa and cushion covers and arrange the blinds.

Home cleaning checklist for effective cleaning method


4. Plan your strategy thoroughly

Although the cleaning tricks are not going to be enough thorough and detailed, however, to cover maximum spaces, you must come up with a strategic cleaning technique. This is to ensure a quick cleaning that encompasses almost every space in your house. The strategy of the home cleaning hack provides for the real work and if implemented properly then your 15-minute cleanup routine should be exceedingly beneficial.

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