Downloading and saving YouTube videos to iPhone

You say it or not, or from my point of view you won’t be able to notice that your most of the time of day goes on watching videos on you tube. You tube has been growing up with the new and interacting sessions of different videos with different plots. You tube is the only platform where you can have any from of video required to you and then that too is compatible for everyone. Watching videos and any movie on the big TV screen is what everyone wants but having a mobility with the help of iPhone, iPad or any other. The thing we want to keep in the notice is that you can’t watch videos on the you tube every time, as it requires your data in return of watching videos online. Don’t you think there should be something which can help you in providing the videos when there is no access to the internet.

Download and save YouTube videos to iPhone

Download and save YouTube videos to iPhone

Well you tube came up with this feature of saving the video online but the problem with this ability is that it requires the internet connection to get refreshed. Now, let me tell you that you don’t have to be on the track of ease for this process as I am here for the purpose of letting you know how this app is going to work for you and how you people are going to bring that particular video to your device. But if you keep going online for this purpose I can surely say, you will run out of your data pack.

There are few things you need to keep in mind while going with this application, such as:

  1. You should have a working internet connection or a wi-fi connection.
  2. You phone should have enough space for the videos to get downloaded.
  3. Your iPhone should be accessible to all kind of apps.

We all think that it would have been a great feature if we could just give a single click and have that particular video on to your device, but that’s not possible. Possibility arises when you download a third-party application and experience the new feature of enjoying the video on your phone. Nothing to worry, no need of jailbreaking of iPhone is required for this purpose. You just require an iPhone signed in with the apple id and going to the apple store and downloading the app Document 6.

As mentioned in my various articles, there are N numbers of apps available for this purpose and few could be paid also. In this article we are going to learn what steps are included in bringing that same video, with same video quality to your device. Document 6 is the app that make you to browse any file or document or the video for the purpose which you can watch it later also. This app runs for free and yes go with the change as it thoroughly updated and improvised as per the requirement of the permissions by the administration. People will be thinking there are many other apps too which can bring the same purpose but Document 6 application is one of the easiest app in terms for the same.

Here are the steps included of the process how to download the videos through this application on your iPhone.

STEP 1: Download the Document 6 app from the app store.

STEP 2: once the app is installed in the device open the app and add source web to it. Open the web browser and go to the site called this website will direct you to the page from where you are allowed to save things on your phone.

STEP 3: then the required link of the video i.e. the URL is to be copied and then pasted on the website. The process of copying the URL can be done easily if you are browsing through the you tube, if you are on the app then just click on the share and copy the link address from there.

STEP 4: after pasting the URL wait for the site to load the video, once the video is loaded you can see the thumbnail of the video, now what you have to do is to select the optimum option based on the quality and size, and when the choice is made then click on the download foe the further processing.

STEP 5: when the all the selection of the size and quality is done the video starts downloading and please wait, as the file size would be quite large so may take time to download. Once it is downloaded you can have a check at the download section of the app.

STEP 6: after all this processing you have to move it to the photos by simply dragging the file to the desired location. One thing you have to make sure that the file or the video will not appear in the recent sections of the collection as it will file the specification according to the date and time it is posted on the YouTube itself.

So, here you go, this is how you can have all the videos you like, downloaded on the phone. By this application and simple processing of these steps you can get it done easily. But make sure you have to bit patient as the files are large in size and can bring the problem regarding the storage of the phone. So be clear on all the part of connection to working internet and required space for the videos to get downloaded.

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