Indoor Plants Help You Sleep Better at Night

Many people suffer from insomnia and try various alternatives from medicine to exercising to get that sound sleep at night. However, when fighting sleeplessness, we don’t think about the natural remedies that some plants are capable of. Some plants act as insomnia natural medicine and help cleanse the bedroom air evoking a calm ambiance to suit your night-weariness. Thus, from the next time, if you think you are a victim of insomnia or excessive stress, try the following indoor plants to help you sleep better.

Indoor Plants Help You Sleep Better at Night

Lets look at the plants that will help you sleep better.

Peace lily

According to NASA, peace lily helps cleanse harmful benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins. Not only is it easy to care but adds to the attractive appeal of your bedroom. A widely used sleep well plant, peace lily suppresses airborne microbes and prevents almost every symptom of an allergy. Thus, this plant help naturally cures your itchy throats and watery noses at night.
peace lily Indoor Plant help you sleep better at night


Valerian is one of the widely recommended indoor plants that help you sleep better at night. It is known for helping with sleep disorders especially insomnia. It is often combined with lemon balm and other herbs to soothe your sleep at night. This is a very beneficial plant for indoor use as it not only helps with sleep disorders but helps treat anxiety, psychological stress, hysteric conditions and migraines.

Valerian Indoor plant help you to sleep better
Gerbera Daisy

The specialty of using this as your home interior plant is that Gerbera daisy releases oxygen throughout the day and night. While most of the plants release carbon dioxide during night time, the uniqueness of this indoor plant comes in very handy when it helps calm your sense and makes you doze off faster. Research says that higher levels of oxygen during sleep increases the duration of sleep by 10 percent.
Gerbera Daisy home interior plant


Lavender is another sleep-well plant that soothes sore muscles and relaxes you at night especially the oil made with lavender works greatly for a sore thorat. It also helps relieve headaches, migraines, anxiety, and exhaustion. One of the key products of lavender is its oil that is used in numerous medicinal branches as a natural medicine. Its violet beauty combined with the sweet potpourri smell elevates your bedroom ambiance anytime of the day. Lavender releases slow sleep waves that help relax muscles and prepares you for a deep sleep.
Indoor Plants to sleep better

Spider plant

Spider plant is renowned for its health benefits for aiding to remove harmful chemicals from your indoor air. Also, one of the major uniqueness of this houseplant is its ability to absorb carbon monoxide. This is widely used as an insomnia natural medicine, spider plant is used in hospitals too, to relieve the pain of patients, anxiety, lower heart rates and blood pressure. Apart from these, it helps with cold and cough, too, to spare you from those sleepless nights.
Indoor Plants to sleep better

Snake plant

Another plant that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night is the snake plant. It is widely used for its low-cost and low-maintenance and has been preferred by many insomniac patients. Use this plant for indoor use to purify and cleanse your bedroom air. Apart from night-respiration, this Indoor plant helps filter the air from formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene. For each person, 6 to 8 waist high of these house plants should be installed in the bedroom to get optimum results.Snake plant for indoor use

Aloe Vera

Nasa has included Aloe Vera into the category of the oxygen emitting Indoor Plants at night that help you get sounder sleep. Make this as your home interior plant as it helps relieve tension, anxiety and higher levels of oxygen in the air ease your breathing process at night. Aloe Vera is also praised for its immortality and can be easily grown from their roots. To maximize the benefits, spread the plants all around the house (indoors and outdoors) to purify the atmosphere.

Aloe Vera home interior plant to sleep better

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