Samsung gear s4 Updated news (2018) : expected price, release date, features & specification, images

Samsung Gear S4 2018 latest updates : Hello everyone, most of the people are using Samsung gear smartwatch series. Samsung gear S3 is trending in the market nowadays.Today, In this blog we will tell you about rumours and latest real updates of gear s4. In this article, you will read about the gear s4 expected price, release date, features & specification and images. With Samsung Gear S3 turning over a year older and yet retaining its position in the top three best smartwatches it is clear that how effective Samsung has been in holding its market. To retain the hold, it has on the market and further boost the smartwatch market Samsung is again out with yet another of its smartwatches the Gear S4. Here is the video of Samsung gear s4 where you can see the leaked images of Gear S4 With Edge Screen Display.

Samsung gear S4 release date and expected price:

samsung gear s4

With 2017 coming to its end Samsung Gear S4 has been successful in keeping itself away from any such release date rumours. Still people expect it to be out by August 2018 keeping in mind the last trend of Samsung with Gear S3 being released in August 2016 and Samsung Gear S2 in August 2015. Despite many predict that the launch announcements would be made prior to August.

As it is expected to be positioned alongside Apple watch 3 it is expected to cost somewhere near to the cost of its previous model which started with the price of $349 that is approximately AU$475. Though considering it would be using a better chip processor and more features than the previous one the price would surely identify some boost in itself that its predecessor.

Samsung gear s4 features & specifictions:

samsung gear s4

Samsung gear S4 Design & looks:

samsung gear s4 design

After S3, S4 is expected to have a slimmer body with Samsung announcing its mass production of Exynos& Dual 7270 chipset earlier this year which would also include the 4G LTE moderm( new in the addition). A patent filed by Samsung suggests that their could be a thin strip of a display that would be formed on the edge of the dial. It would also offer the users of the Gear fit a shortcut to apps with basic information like the Date, time and weather information also. Not only this it is expected that the display could be a 90 degree rotated one and also the screens could be split into an upper and lower section.

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Samsung gear s4 detailed updated Specifications:

samsung gear s4

It is further expected to have a better and a longer battery life even with the power on mode. It would surely consist of the Samsung’s new digital voice assistant, Bixby. In a conference, Samsung announced Bixby to be updated with further new features and S4 gear including bixby would be a major advantage in the smartwatch considering its advanced nature.

Gear S4 is built by the Advanced14nm fin Feet process Sip System-in-Package and ePoP embedded Package-on-Package which is Perform Out Standing and it’s also Power efficient and the Results after making all the Physical that it will be the Slimmer looks will be Applied on this Gear S4.

Further features of Samsung Gear S4 includes a faster processor and better battery life, Better display. It is most likely to be run on TizenOS which is  a dedicated operating system that is built by Samsung and Tizen 3.0 brought 64-bit compatibility as well as support for 4K Ultra HD graphics and image and speech recognition.

Further going, it did big by launching the Samsung Gear fit watch for the sports adding some features in the next addition it promises big on the health side. It would likely contain the S Patch this could potentially deliver data – such as PPG, skin temperature, galvanic skin response and body fat analysis to the Samsung Gear smartwatch.

As one of a recent Samsung patent indicates, the Gear S4 could make use of a smartphone in order to spring back to life.Essentially, the device could be charged by asmartphone case simply by resting on top. The case would use a USB-C port to take power from a phone that, in turn, would provide power to the smartwatch using a hidden coil, just by touching it to a conductive plate on the case.

Difference between Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Gear S4:

samsung gear s4

The main problem with Samsung S3 was the bulkiness it had and the weight which lead to a major downfall of the smartwatch. Hence Gear S4 is expected to have a lightweight and resize the watch for being accessible to a larger market. Another problem with Samsung Gear S3 was the battery. Its battery drained to early so the watch is surely expected to have a better battery life. Even the Heart rate count of S3 needs improvisation along with the GPS tracker which would track wrong for most of the times. Hopefully, the Gear S4 would offer more seamless interactions using the bezel. But it would also be preferable to see the bezel become a little less stiff, so that one can comfortably operate it with a single finger.

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