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Windows 98 ISO Download: It has been a long time since Microsoft imagined the principal graphical OS. With Windows 98 going to the fore, Microsoft promptly approved its turn of propelling the 9x arrangement in any case. Windows 98 took after the immensely effective Windows 95 and approached as an ideal alternative for clients who depend vigorously on home frameworks, web surfing, media, and gaming. All the more along these lines, Windows 98 OS was best known for its media bolster and the excellent ability with regards to perusing USBs and DVDs. The LAN offices were are as yet perfect even following two many years of its prime. To be correct, it was Windows 98 OS which started the idea of web working by enabling clients to impart one web association with numerous devices.

Windows 98 Download details:

It approached as a working framework that struck the ideal harmony amongst usefulness and ease of use. What inspired PC nerds the most is the capacity of Windows 98 to adjust as indicated by the individual necessities. In addition, this OS, as far as feel, exhibits a tasteful design without bargaining on usefulness. The ISO adaptation related with this OS approaches as a bootable interpretation of the first form and can be introduced by sending a bootable DVD.

Windows 98 Features:

When it comes to enlisting the feature sets associated with this OS, we have quite a few to look at. Most of these attributes, however, focus on functionality and resourcefulness.

  • Offers Extensive support when it comes to Connecting with preexisting and new networks
  • Comes with a built-in Internet Explorer 4.0 which is not as slow as some of the succeeding versions
  • Supports efficient internet sharing
  • Comes with optimized networking via VPNs

Now when we have meandered through the basics features associated with Windows 98 OS, it’s time to delve into the technical details associated with the same. Moreover, we have also enlisted some downloadable links associated with this OS and its ISO version.

Windows 98 ISO Technical Details and System Requirements for Windows 98 Download:-

At first, we need to ascertain the software name and how users shall relate to the original version while downloading the same.

Windows 98 ISO Technical Details:

Software Name: Windows 98.ISO Image Files

Here comes a standalone but complete setup of the original Windows 98 operating system with Microsoft being the developer. This rendition offers the complete list of setup files and allows one author to validate the installation.

System Requirements for Windows 98 Download:

While it looks slightly inappropriate in 2018 to enlist the system requirements pertaining to such a vintage operating system, it is always good to initiate things from the scratch. Basically, we need to have at least 16MB of RAM and a minimum of 500MB as the underlining hard disk space. The Intel 80486DX2 chipset with a clock speed of 66MHz is the bare minimum but anything synonymous with a modern day processor will also work great

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Windows 98 Download – Windows 98 ISO:

In this section, we have detailed the links associated with Windows 98 ISO version. While some users might be worried about the efficacy of the same, we guarantee a complete setup with every feature covered in the best possible manner. It is arguable that do we actually need something as old as this but it is always good to try the vintage stuff, once in a while.

Below is the main Link to Download Windows 98 ISO:

  •  Windows 98 SE ( 2ndEdition) – (Click to Save Bootable ISO)

If the above link does not work then you might try Mirror links below:

  • Windows 98 ISO (First Edition) – (OEM File needs to be clicked on and saved)
  • Windows 98 Download Plus Setup File – (Save File upon Clicking))

P.S. For installing any form of ZIP file, which might be required in case of the ISO version, having the 7-Zip Extractor is important. This entity allows us to unzip any.7 Zip format and save stuffs, accordingly.

Windows 98 Download – Overview and Video Guide/Demo:

With Microsoft launching the Windows 98 immediately after Windows 95 met with admirable success, it became evident that most of the feature sets were improved upon. The improvements looked extremely resourceful and as the year was 1998, the OS got its name. Moreover, Windows 98 was the second 9x series operating system and most importantly an independent one which worked way better than the traditional GUI or Graphic User Interface active on MS-DOS.

Windows 98 Key Features:-

  • Exceptional Networking Support
  • Active Version of Internet Explorer 4.01
  • Exceptional Levels of Web Integration
  • Better Security
  • Simplified Booting Process via MS-DOS
  • Windows comes Equipped with NetShow Player
  • Minimalistic Layout that Improves upon the Existing Design of Windows 95 and offers Flat Icons

Now when we have enlisted every feature associated with Windows 98, it becomes important to learn more about the installation process.

Windows 98 Download – How to Install?

The complete guide towards Windows 98 installation, courtesy the availability of Windows 98 ISO setup, is given as follows:

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Windows 98 ISO Setup Files:

  • Firstly, we need to download the 7-Zip Extractor for the concerned OS
  • The next process involves downloading the Windows files, unzipping the same and extracting the ISO files in a proper way
  • Burn the extracted files onto a bootable device which can be used further for the installation

P.S. Users require a Virtual Box for initiating the entire process

Windows 98 ISO

Important Note: You would also need a Virtual Box for carrying out the whole procedure.

Summary of Win 98 Installation with Windows 98 ISO Files:

Now when every detail and procedure for getting hold of Windows 98 OS is out of the way, it’s time to revisit the basics and ascertain whether the readers are missing out on certain important sections. Here an indexed version of the concluded post:

  • Facts about Windows 98
  • Windows 98 ISO Files: Introduction
  • Windows 98 Features
  • What are ISO Files?
  • Uses of ISO Files
  • Download Links for Windows 98 ISO Files
  • 7-Zip Extractor, and Why is it Important?

How to Install Windows 98 Using ISO Files?

Here is all the information needed to install Windows 98 using the existing ISO files. The full setup can be used effectively in association with 7-zip extractor, Virtual Box and the bootable interface

Going ahead, you will be able to find all the important information and all the Important Links for the Windows 98 ISO Download. Let’s spread the knowledge you gained so if you find the article helpful, then share it with your friends who need to know this too.

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